"The Uninvited Guest" part 1
(a DA 3x03 rewrite)

"Oh Edith, you look beautiful!"

Edith couldn’t help but grin as she admired her reflection in the mirror.  It wasn’t often that she felt beautiful, especially in the presence of her two sisters, but right now…yes, yes she had to agree with what her youngest sister had said.

"I do look rather pretty, don’t I?"

Mary and Sybil giggled and smiled and nodded their heads with approval. 

"Oh, let us have a photograph taken of the three of us when we get to the church!" she eagerly suggested.  "All three of us; happy and married!"

She glanced at Sybil and noticed how her sister was rubbing her belly.  She had been doing that a great deal since she and Tom had arrived at Downton for her wedding.  “Sybil…is everything alright?”

She was surprised by Edith’s question, but nodded her head.  “Yes, yes, everything’s fine,” she answered with a reassuring smile.  “He’s just kicking a lot.”

"He?" Mary asked with the lift of an elegant eyebrow.

Sybil giggled.  “Tom and I have a little bet going; he’s convinced it’s a girl, so naturally I am saying it will be a boy, although both of us will be happy with either,” she explained, her hand rubbing her belly in a soothing gesture…and trying her hardest to hide the slight discomfort she was feeling.

A quick knock brought all three sisters attentions to the door, and they smiled as their mother poked her head inside.  “Well?  Are you ready?  We mustn’t keep Sir Anthony waiting!”

Edith grinned and reached for Mary and Sybil’s hands, squeezing them tightly, before turning and following them out of the room, linking arms with her mother as they quickly moved downstairs to the motor that was waiting for them…

To Be Continued…