My "Labor of Love" fanfic weekend checklist:

Friday, August 29: chapter 26 to “Clover” and epilogue to “WWtDaCS?”

Saturday, August 30: chapter 27 to “Clover” and chapter 2 to “Anyone Who Knows…”

Sunday, August 31: chapter 28 to “Clover” and chapter 34 to “LCJ”

Monday, September 1: chapter 29 to “Clover” and…

So far, so good (I actually kept to my goal today so that’s a plus!) Still open to suggestions on what to update over the weekend (besides “Clover” chapters).  Someone did make a request for LCJ, so we shall see!

Anyway, whatever you do this weekend (be it here in the US or elsewhere) I hope it is lovely, fun, and at least a little relaxing!

Weekend continues and still on track!  Keeping fingers crossed as I reach the half-way mark!

Late getting this updated, but still managing to stay on task :o) One day left!


rickeylawson is posting the nudes of all these poor girls. Report him.

REPORT THIS DOUCHE who deserves to be shamed for the shame he clearly has no problem inflicting on women



So apparently iCloud was hacked and pretty much every female celebrity’s nudes were leaked. I’d like to remind my followers not to post them, because they’re supposed to be private, and just because some asshole leaked them doesn’t mean you should make it worse by spreading them around.

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Really heartbroken for Jessica Brown Findlay. What an invasion of privacy. Really disgusted with those posting/reblogging her private life. I can’t imagine such violation.

Sincerely hope they find whomever did this to her and the other women, and that those who are responsible are prosecuted. I don’t care how “famous” a person is, her private property is just that: private.

Couldn’t agree more Piper.  That is absolutely disgusting.  Please do not reblog those images if you see them; imagine how you would feel if you were in her situation?

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cassiemortmain told me that she’s *almost* finished with the next chapter to “Unexpected" which I have been BEGGING FOR patiently waiting for, and IT’S NEARLY HERE!  AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I mean, THINK ABOUT IT!  We are *FINALLY* going to learn what that whole business with Edna was about!  Why she said what she said, hear Tom’s explanation, and the most important question of all, WHAT WILL SYBIL SAY/DO!?!?!?!?



Chapter 34: Tom’s Journal V

I can’t stop smiling…

I look at her, and…not only do I feel my heart quicken, but…it’s impossible not to smile. God, she’s beautiful. Even her snores, and yes, bless her, she does snore, but I don’t care, I love it, I will gladly listen to her snore in my ear for the rest of my life if it means having the opportunity to share a bed with her.

And that’s the thing, the most amazing thing, that after so many months and years of just…imagining…I know what it feels like to lay down, to rest my head on a pillow beside her, to hold her soft, naked form in my arms, and fall asleep with her heart beating next to mine.

Begin the story here

The Love’s Journey Saga

Book I: Love’s Journey

Book II: Love’s Journey: Stepping Stones

M-rated chatper

In completely random news, spiders scare the bejeezus out of me, but I am in constant awe of their webs

(from the pen of Tom Branson, reflecting on his wedding night and the first day of marriage to Sybil)

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who’s in the mood for some fluff with implied smut?

The Game is On in September!

Rock the SPORTS AU!

New month, NEW Rock the AU! theme!  Whether its the “posh country sports” Sybil would have grown up learning, or the more rugged, working class games Tom and his siblings would have played, get ready to ROCK the SPORTS AU this September!

From period pieces with “infamous cricket matches” and village fair tug-of-war tournaments, to modern stories with city marathons or the Bransons cheering on Ireland in the Six Nations rugby championship (with Sybil maybe throwing in an occasional cheer for England, just to tease Tom).

Whatever the sport, whatever the event, whatever the period, grab your gym shoes and get ready to cheer our beloved Bransons as they ROCK THE SPORTS AU this month!


Sunday, Sept. 14 is STEAMM Day 2014!  Need an idea for a STEAMM story?  Maybe something of a “sporting” nature will inspire you?