SCANDAL ON EATON SQUARE by The Yankee Countess

Chapter Four:An Offer He Can’t Refuse

"Will you please show Mr. Branson in, Carson?"

If Carson’s eyes could have grown any wider, Sybil was positive they would have burst from his skull. “MISS SYBIL!” he gasped loudly, before entering the library and hissing at her in a hushed voice of dismay, “Forgive me, Miss, but…but you CANNOT be serious—!?”

"She seemed rather keen to me, actually," interrupted a distinct Irish brogue, the same voice Sybil had heard yesterday, the same voice that she had little doubt had been committed to memory.

Carson stiffened and his face became a strange shade of purple, his eye twitching slightly just below the throbbing vein. He turned to face the intruding Irishman, giving Sybil the chance to see Mr. Tom Branson at last, for the first time since yesterday. And she couldn’t help but stare, her mouth falling open slightly as she looked at him, a great deal cleaner since she had seen him yesterday…not to mention wearing a few more layers than when they had last met.

His eyes were full of amusement, and Sybil swallowed as he turned his gaze from the outraged butler to her, and once again she felt her cheeks become quite heated at the rather cheeky smile he was giving her.

"I did NOT give you permission to enter this house—!" Carson thundered, but he was once again shocked speechless when Mr. Branson reached out and gave her butler a solid pat on the shoulder, as if they were old friends and the gesture was familiar.

"Don’t worry, old boy, I can assure you I’m quite housebroken."

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And if you’re curious, just know that it involves this guy

…and yes, what he’s wearing is relevant

yankeecountess asked: "Sybil! What are you doing? Why are you..."


"Sybil! What are you doing? Why are you wearing tails and white tie?"


LOL! Brilliant :oP

Also, I have always been curious…is this a “real” picture?  Or is a manip?  If the latter, it’s probably one of the earliest manips I’ve seen, but does anyone know the answer?


Game of Thrones :)


Game of Thrones :)

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10,000 posts!
**technically this is 10,005 ;oP but better late than never!

10,000 posts!

**technically this is 10,005 ;oP but better late than never!

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And did I mention it’s APRIL???

Also, only two days ago, it was warm enough to walk around in shorts, a tank top, and sandels

just on facial expressions alone, Sophie Turner deserves an Emmy

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Usually when a character dies, people are devastated…BUT NOT THIS DAY!

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